Our Mission:
To turn any company we touch into gold
About us

At Sorano, our goal every day is to find business solutions for our clients’ biggest challenges. Often businesses will miss potential opportunities for major financial development.  It is also all too common for businesses to be experiencing monetary decay, unchecked until it is too late.


CEOs and entrepreneurs are not always experts at developing marketing strategies, reaching specific audiences with targeted advertisements, or converting consumers into actual leads and sales. Often, marketing and advertising departments are ineffective at locating proper target demographics, efficiently reaching said demographics, or determining advertising budgets necessary for maximum growth.


Throughout the history of the business sector, analytics has driven businesses into making better informed decisions.  Our mission at Sorano is to combine our experience with up-to-date data analyses to bring our clients into a golden age of growth.  Today we provide the most efficient market strategies, tactics and consultation to incite rapid growth in any sector.  Sorano is run by a board of directors with years of experience in Marketing, Business Management, and rapid business expansion.  We have a team of more than 300 professionals throughout several locations working for our clients.


We have years of practice in providing business services, creating new avenues for cost-efficient growth in our clients’ businesses through full service marketing and consulting.


Our top priority is client satisfaction, as we value stable, continued business and mutual success.


The primary objectives of Sorano are maintaining our reputation as the leading, most reliable marketing company in our industry, furthering our growing list of repeat satisfied clientele, and to dominate the advertising and marketing space in eastern Europe..