Sorano Group LLC is a Consulting & Full-service marketing firm focused on rapid online growth and creation of valuable opportunities. The company is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and is a result of conglomerate between two well established companies, both based within the European Union.

The company is managed by a board of directors who are authorities in their field, as well as 30 independent contractors who work endlessly to ensure client satisfaction. We consider ourselves experts in Marketing, Business Management, and rapid business expansion.

Sorano has years of experience providing services for businesses, allowing them new avenues to cause efficient growth in their business through full-service marketing and consulting.

Our biggest priority is client satisfaction, as we value success and continued business.


The primary objectives of Sorano are:

  • Maintaining our reputation as the leader and most reliable in our industry.
  • Further expanding our satisfied clientele that we are continuing to work with.
  • To dominate the advertising and marketing space in eastern Europe.